In the last 10 years, as Asia grew more affluent, wealth creation has changed the dynamics of how Asian families and Asian companies have looked beyond purely profit initiatives with more focus now being put towards charitable causes.

Crave Capital has taken the position that "Strategic Philanthropy" achieves the highest impact of meeting social needs. This strategy puts in place a more structured method of "giving" with measures of impact versus traditional charitable functions that Asian companies and foundations are more used to. Traditional charity is more emotional, "just in time" and is usually an annual contribution with not much emphasis on measures of impact.

Strategic philanthropy is the practice of developing "the giving/charitable/CRS" initiative of a company/foundation based on well researched studies on the cause, needs and impact of social topics that the company wants to play an "impact role" in.


Strategic philanthropy will allow for the company/foundation to align their business with social causes and create impact giving that will benefit both the profile of the company/ foundation, the profile of the cause as well as help solve issues of the cause.

Crave Capital offers support to companies in Asia looking at developing this core philanthropy practice within their organization. Since 2013, Crave Capital has started sharing the vision of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with clients and foundations in Asia. We believe the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation model provides the best example, experience and knowledge to Asian companies, and foundations looking to embrace strategic philanthropy. This has now resulted in the creation of the Indonesia health fund and Vietnam health fund structured by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with clients in Indonesia and Vietnam in 2014- focusing in areas like malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and women family planning initiative partnerships in these countries.


We are confident that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation initiatives with our clients will act as a "catalytic philanthropy" and provide the leadership for more Asian companies and foundations to embrace.

Crave Capital will continue to support the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all partners to deliver successful programs in Asia.